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Fee Structure

Admission Fee Included:
1 Admission fee 7 Students Welfare fund
2 Establishment fee 8 Foundation Day fee
3 Identity card fee 9 Festival Celebration fee
4 Examination fee (Class Promotion) 10 Medical fee
5 Library card fee 11 Magazine fee
6 Development fee 12 Sports fee

Any other fees prescribed by the Council of Higher Seconary Education & Utkal University of Culture have to be paid in addition to the above.Fees and other charges are payble withen the prescribed  dates falling which a fine of Rs.10/-per day will be charged for a maximum period of 15 days , after which a student's name will be struck off the rolls. He/She can only be re-admitted with the permission of the principal by paying the maximum fineof Behead. 15/-plus the re-admission fee of Behead.10/- only in exceptional case, a student may be permitted to pay the fees late but only with the prior permission of the principal.

Exemption From Tuition Fee and Admission Fee:
1. Students belonging to Scheduled caste/ Scheduled Tribes are exempted from payment of tuition fee and admission fee on production of caste certificate from a competent authirity.
2. Blind / Handicapped Students are exempted from payment of tuition fee annually.

Rules of Admission for +2 Music & +3 BPA.
Student seeking admission into the college must apply on a prescribed Form. available along with the Prospectus  & Form are available in  the College officeon payment of Rs-250/-l.

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